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Petition for Bethesda to release a Fallout 3 + NV Special Edition Tale of Two Wastelands.

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Recently Skyrim Special Edition was re-released to great fan fair and came with the great ability to mod (on consoles) thanks to Console gamers have long lost out on the ability to mod so I believe, like with Skyrim, both of these games should be re-released for this current console generation with mod support.  

Given their age and the likely hood only one would be ported, at a time or at all, I think they should both be released together on one disc/download. Given they both used a modified version of the same engine they could combine assets to save space. I know for a fact this can be done as Tale of Two Wastelands on PC combined both games into one world by porting the Fallout 3 game into the New Vegas Engine.

I believe the developers should release these games as one with the Tale of Two wastelands built into it (vanilla) as a base line. Keeping them separate should be in the options menu (Fallout 3, New Vegas, TTW). The reason I think they should be combined as a baseline would be so they have (like SKSE) one single Master File (ESM) shared across the games.

This would mean modding could be done for the entire package and not negatively effect or exclude other aspects of the game. Bethesda/Obsidian/Zenimax would all be able to profit, the next genration of gamers could experience a couple of classics, and it'd be a great deal that keeps gamers invested for years.









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