Petition update

More than 7,000 signatures collected!

Silviu Ploisteanu
Sofia, Bulgaria

Apr 26, 2014 — Our petition for Fallout 4 announcement has got over 7,000 signatures. While this is somewhat impressive, we need a lot more signatures to get a reaction from Bethesda. If any... But how much is enough?

When I started the petition the goal was 10,000 signatures. As the numbers of supporters grew fast, I realized 10K is nowhere near enough, so the goal was set to 100,000.

Here's the latest article on the petition: Still hoping for a large video games website to pick it up so we can make some real waves.

Spread the word about this petition anyway you can: tweet about it, post on your wall, tell your Fallout friends. If you own a Facebook page, let your fans know about this petition. Together we can do this! Thank you for your support. Don't forget to keep an eye on for news and updates.