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Bethesda Softworks LLC: Add PIPBoy 3000s and PimpBoy 3 Billions to the Bethesda Store

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I'm sure people would love to see PIPBoy 3000s and Pimpboy 3 Billions on the store.  Yes, there were PIPBoy watches that came with the Fallout 3 Collector Edition, but I mean like one with customisable menus.  Like exactly how it works in-game, with stats that you can customise, limb conditions, audio notes, music, text notes, even the ability to modify what items you have, all from the PIPBoy!  Perhaps it could have USB connectivity, and perhaps there could be an online app (not on the PIPBoy) that can take a Google Maps (Not Google Earth) image of an area and convert it to a PIPBoy styled map!  Maybe it could have some sort of "holotape" support, like a slot that can take small, thin holotapes (maybe like half the size of a floppy disc, or maybe even smaller) than can be used to transfer data from PIPBoy to PIPBoy.  Maybe it could even have a light!  It would probably need a powerful battery, and could run on A/C power (via USB connectivity) and 9 volt batteries.  And, of course, it would need to be durable.  It wouldn't be worth the money if it broke the minute it was put on.  If Bethesda made something like this, they would make a TON of money.  And since the Fallout 3 ones are unique, they would most likely not lose their value.



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