Bethesda to allow Obsidian make another Fallout

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Obsidian Entertainment made the hugely popular and successful Fallout New Vegas in 2010, and have now even confirmed that they would love to create another game. I don't just speak for myself when I say I absolutely loved New Vegas, and thought the actual setting and lore was better than that of Fallout 3 and 4. Obsidian could potentially expand this series by developing games set in the West, whilst Bethesda develop games in the East

Myself, and many many of us Fallout fans would LOVE Obsidian to develop a new Fallout title, set in the West using the Creation Engine used for Fallout 4. This would not only please every Fallout fan, but also make Bethesda and Obsidian tonnes of money, and would let their respective audiences know that they actually listen their fan bases. 

I created this because I care a lot. We all do. New Vegas was such a brilliant game, we all just want a sequel!

Signed: Bradley Greaves, a huge Fallout fan.

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