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Approach Bethesda about an official free SKSE64 DLC

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To the point: The lack of SKSE64 is hindering the SE modding community. The team who put together SKSE did great work, but lack the resources to get this new one done any time soon.

For those who don't know, SKSE, or SKyrim Script Extender, is a utility mod that all modifies the way Skyrim processes scripts in order to make more mods possible. This wonderful video by Gopher can explain more:

Here's the proposal: We go to Bethesda directly and "commission" them to make a free SKSE DLC.

Right now, this is just a petition to show we are interested.  Enough people sign and we can get their attention.  If they agree, we get an estimate on how much it costs and see if we want to crowd fund a free DLC.

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