Keep the Lone Wanderer Wandering Alone

I'm not opposed to this title being online. I think people deserve to enjoy whatever they seek from a gaming experience and companies reserve the right to make titles catering to whatever audience they desire. With that said, I work, a lot. I have little free time, and when I decide to sit down and put time into a game, I do it without the desire to deal with other people ruining the experience for me. I want to explore a fallout game, not avoid reading terminals because some asshole got bored of the latest CoD. There's just a lot to this game that's interesting but I won't be able to experience any of it because it doesn't offer a solo campaign. I'm not looking for competition, that's what enemies are for in progressing a story narrative, but it is what it is, I guess. Fallout 5 I'll just have to wait for.

Brady Cornett, Columbus, OH, United States
1 year ago
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