Keep the Lone Wanderer Wandering Alone

The reasons why I want this petition to get all the sign ups because
1. We could see Enclave vs The Brotherhood Of Steal go against each other (somehow)
2. I thought of an idea for how the story could go: The year is 2180 and Your are the father of a child named Edward "Eddy" Stunlinger and your father goes out to seek technology to help Vault 77 advance. Twenty years have passed and still no news about your dad coming back. While one Night, you find Mole rats and run back to your room and sleeps. Next morning people become sick and you are sent out with your journey to find a cure and save everyone

3. Singleplayer fallout is better than multiplayer because we'll .... We know who would win in this occasion

Alberto Huerta, Stockton, CA, United States
3 years ago
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