Get Bethesda game studios to change Creation Club for the better.

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First off, I'd just like to clarify I know this petition won't change anything regardless the amount of people that sign. I'm simply just making this petition to use it as a gathering of sorts for people to comment and express their concerns

Everyone is aware of the Creation Club, and anyone with common sense can see that it's something that could have been amazing, but ultimately ended up being essentially a scam.

It's " mini dlc " which is actually micro transactions. To get the items you have to buy credits, 100 credits comes to a little over a dollar. 

Single sets of armor, or a single gun will cost 400 credits. Which comes out to a little over $4 for 1 item. That's outrages. Especially when compared to the price of the actual dlc. 

In skyrim the survival mode is 800 credits, but the credit buying options gives you 750 credits or 1500 credits. There is no 800 option, of course this is intentional so you have to buy extra credit and pay more money. 

All in all everything is just way to expensive, single weapons or armor should only cost 100 credits. They should bundle items, have a way to get free credits.

If the price isn't bad enough it also hurts to know that for every item they offer at those crazy prices, there is a free mod version available that literally has more to offer in every way, regardless of what creation it is, survival mode mod (free) has more options and depth to it. Fallout power armor that's on the creation club clips through armor where as the free mod variants usually are made perfect. 

I'm not asking for Bethesda to shut down creation club, I love the idea actually. But no one is happy with how expensive and how sloppy it all is, please Bethesda just take some more time on these creations, don't cut the cost at least a third if not in half for most items. 

And if you want to have items that are sold at a higher price consider giving something worthy of more money such as expansions or quest mods that include a new companion and weapons.

We all love you Bethesda, but you are becoming very corporate and money hungry rather than amazing and pro consumer!

Please just consider trying to wiggle some things around. Even if it's slowly over time just work in the right direction!



PS. I apologise for the grammar.

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