Release the Pip Boy Companion app for Windows Phones

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As a huge fan of Fallout, and Bethesda in general, I was ecstatic to see the wonderful Pip Boy edition of Fallout 4 pop up. Even better, you can use your phone to control the in-game Pip Boy! But, the age old problem as a Windows phone user has arrived.

The app, as we know so far, will only be releasing for Android and iOS! As someone who would love to own one of the wonderful pip boy editions, I cannot justify paying $120 towards the replica if I cannot actually get any real use out of it beyond a fancy shelf decoration.

That's why I'm asking on behalf of other Windows phone users for Bethesda to release the app on Windows phone too, upon the games release. Please do not alienate a chunk of your fan base by not delivering the companion app to their OS of choice. 

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