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A change in the Criminal Justice System in England and Wales

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This petition is based on work that I had been doing for many years up until approximately 2 years ago. I was meeting with different people from different organisations such as Gwent Police and I was also working under Jessica Morden MP.

My goal was to study the Criminal Justice System and get a change in the justice system due to it's inconsistency, inequality and injustice.

For the past couple of months however, I have been debating starting my campaign again and I have decided now; to definitely do so. Something needs doing and it's obviously not going to happen on it's own.

I have conducted and completed many case studies from old and new cases, the first I worked on being James Bulger (may he rest in peace).

I feel and I have spoken with and known many who share my opinion, feel that this justice system isn't working in the way that it should or that it was intended. I have seen rapists and paedophiles getting lower sentences than minor driving offences, I have seen murders get a lower sentence than other minor crimes.

The system does NOT make sense. Nor does it have the families and victims at the forefront of it's 'mind'. I intend to do all I can to change this.

There has been too many times where this has happened and that's the basis of this. If I succeed in my goal there will be less heartache, less danger on the streets and quite possibly even more reform when it comes to the criminals.

I hope to have your support and guidance and with as much people power as possible, we can do this! 

Thank you very much for your time reading this.

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