Allowing Running Start students to run for class office

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My name is Chariya Son and I am petitioning to get my rights for running for class office back as a Running Start student. Joining leadership was a chance to showcase my passion for making a change within our community and being a leader. As a sophomore at the time of the 2016-2017 school year, I was beginning my learning process and journey to being a great leader. I met great people who taught me many things that impacted me as a person and my skills as a leader. At this time I was also considering the Running Start program which is finishing high school credits at a college pace then moving onto an Associates degree, all being done by high school graduation time. With that being said, those students are not fully enrolled at the high school and don't have to be enrolled in any classes at all. Through leadership I've met people who did that program and are at the 4-year universities that they wished to be at on the road to a successful career. The program saves money and speeds up your education process. After the 2016-2017 school year, the ability to run for class office for Running Start students were taken away due to reasonings such as the lack of passion, dedication and commitment from past students. Using some examples, isn't there passion, dedication, and commitment for driving back from the college for one class of leadership, taking time out of a busy school schedule to meet with leadership to schedule events such as school dances, assemblies, and just overall help spread positivity throughout the school? The class president of 2018 for 3 years who planned to be president senior year couldn't run due to her educational choices of being in Running Start. As the person who drove to the venue of prom and did much work to facilitate the planning while balancing college level classes was told that she did not have enough passion for leadership. Both the president and vice president of class of 2017 were Running Start students who encouraged me to continue being in leadership and becoming an officer to be a voice for our classes but were told they were not enough to fulfill their roles even after years of being on office and doing so much for the school. I petition against this new rule because I have a strong voice and passion for being a leader. I am willing to take time out of my day to be a leader and help spread school spirit. Running start students can be in leadership still so why can't we run for office? This is a big reason why many students one being me, feel disconnected from the school because no one can relate with Running Start students except for ones who are too. I know there are many underclassmen questioning Running Start just because of this rule because they don't want to give up their right to run as an officer. I think that there shouldn't be a decision between our education and our ability to potentially be a great leader, it is very careless and inconsiderate because there are many factors on why students chose this route for education. Running Start student have voices and continue dedicate their efforts to be spirited but like me get shut down just because I want to better my education. I hope that this petition opens many teachers eyes and will allow me to run for my senior year as Class of 2019's class president. This is for the sake of the future classes and a last chance for anyone who is a Running Start student wanting to be an officer for class of 2019.

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