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Stop Public Safety's Abuse of Power

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Recently, the students of Ramapo College of New Jersey have been subjected to abuses of power by the Department of Public Safety in the form of payable "offenses." Be it parking tickets, unreasonable regulations, or even reports of faulty allegations, these harms come varied. The Department of Public Safety avows to protect students from situations endangering their persons or property, while at the same time being the offenders of these injustices. Being the supposed guardians of student safety, these trespasses are especially heinous. Examples of the offenses committed by Public Safety include:

  • Issuing multiple tickets for what is essentially the same offense all at once to a single vehicle
  • Issuing multiple tickets for the same offenses to a single vehicle before a reasonable amount of time was allowed to the student to move his/her car
  • When the aforementioned tickets are issued in rapid succession, students' cars are immobilized, adding to the financial burden brought upon by The Dept. Of Public Safety 
  • Unjustly immobilizing vehicles, potentially putting students in dangerous and impossible situations 
  • Issuing tickets to non-handicapped vehicles for parking in alleged handicapped spots that are unmarked 
  • Accepting appeals on tickets, only to later reject them after appeal dates have passed
  • Issuing tickets for a "No permit displayed" offense when an up-to-date permit was indeed displayed, and perfectly visible
  • When called upon to address these and related matters, Public Safety officers have been unprofessional, unhelpful, and outright distasteful
  • Reports by a student claiming he was charged with faulty allegations of uncooperative behavior by an officer who, when dealing with the student, specifically thanked him for his cooperation; these allegations were reported to the Office of Student Conduct and the student was subsequently, and unjustly, assigned mandatory restitution hours with threats of deregistration
  • Visitors of the college (with visitor passes) being wrongfully ticketed, and when addressing the issue with Public Safety, they are met with an inconsiderate and borderline spiteful "pay the dues"

This petition is a call to order, by students and others alike, to those in charge, to reform and reprimand the Department of Public Safety as a result of their many transgressions. Most importantly, however, a reform is imperative if only so that students may once again feel safe, and cease to feel threatened by those whose duty it is to alleviate harms and wrongdoings. The student body demands to see a swift change in this more than reproachful behavior of Public Safety officers, and that proper accommodations be made to those wronged. Lest we forget, justice delayed is justice denied.

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