We would like the Betaflight devs to abolish the current implementation of VTX tables.

We would like the Betaflight devs to abolish the current implementation of VTX tables.

March 5, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Shawn Ames

We LOVE Betaflight!  If that's not you, then move on.  This isn't an attempt to gripe and complain, rather just a way for those of us who aren't good at navigating github to make a request.

In the most recent releases of Betaflight they have implemented what's known as VTX Tables.  To utilize OSD control of your VTX, you must identify the communication protocol of your VTX then load the corresponding "table" into Betaflight.

The problem with this is that identifying the communication protocol is difficult for the average user.  Most VTX manufacturers don't list the version of the protocol on their product listings and the debug method in betaflight itself loses many users.

Over the past several months at races I have at least 20+ conversations with people who have struggled to configure their VTX control and have resorted back to button pushing and giving up on OSD control.  Or their control protocol is working but not properly.  "I have to select 200mw for it to be set to 25mw" and so on.

My understanding is that the devs did this to "wash their hands" of people using channels it is not legal for them to use.  We address this in the proposal below.

Our proposal:

1.  Have a drop down menu where users can select the VTX they have in their build and allow the software to automatically configure the VTX table.

2.  Require an "unlock" procedure for the channels that require a HAM license.  This could potentially be as simple as a checkbox that states the operator is a HAM license holder or another way.

In closing, I want to express my sincere gratitude for the group of developers who have created, support and grow the betaflight project.  

I personally have become a patreon of the betaflight project and I suggest you consider doing the same after you sign this petition of course.  

You can do that here:

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Signatures: 17Next Goal: 25
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