BET - Please ignore the haters of Diamond Platnumz. He is a musician, not a politician.


BET - Please ignore the haters of Diamond Platnumz. He is a musician, not a politician.

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Baba Indundumile started this petition to BET and

Dear BET,

Diamond Platnumz (pictured above with his First Lady, Zari The Boss Lady) is a musician from Tanzania of massive pan-African and international fame.

At 1,410,731,093 views, his Youtube Channel is the most viewed channel of an Africa-based musician. No other Africa-based musician comes even close to Diamond Platnumz Youtube view count.

He didn't get to such success by angering people. He got there by always siding with the people, and giving the people what they want. He is the best ambassador for Tanzania, for East Africa and for Africa to the world as far as music is concerned.

Now there are some opposition politicians from Tanzania who are circulating a petition that is aimed at tarnishing Diamond's image, and also aimed at invoking the US "cancel culture" on political grounds, based on Tanzania politics.

They want Diamond Platnumz to be cancelled on the BET awards on political grounds rather than based on his talent as a musician.

Diamond is not, nor has he ever been a politician. As a private citizen he respects the law and works with the government in power. That's the most appropriate thing any private citizen can do.

Do you know who else worked, and works with the government of Tanzania regardless of who is in power?

Answer: All countries, all ambassadors, and anyone who needs to deal with the govt of Tanzania.

Secondly, as the adage goes, all politics is local. It would be inappropriate to burden a non-Tanzanian with the task of understanding and judging Tanzania politics.

Tanzania politics can only be best understood and appreciated by the people of Tanzania who voted for the government in power. As you know each election has its losers, and the losers may end up disgruntled. Some of those losers in Tanzania are now trying to drag down Diamond Platnumz into their political mud fights.

Whatever they say about Tanzania politics, including the late President John Pombe Magufuli is a fringe viewpoint. The majority of Tanzanians loved Magufuli as proven by the outpouring of grief and the millions of people who braced the elements to stand on the road when his casket was passing.

Here you can see for yourselves:

When the paying of respect was cut short, people were not satisfied. They followed the body to the airport and breached airport security just to touch the airplane that carried the body. No such expression of love (ie, to the point of breaching airport security) has ever been shown anywhere in the world.

Without boring you much with the details of Tanzania politics, the above videos can show you how much Tanzanians loved their President Magufuli contrary to what the losers from the opposition want you to believe.

Diamond Platnumz is the most successful artist in Tanzania and in East Africa. As such he is a role model to, and has inspired many artists to up their game.

Moreover he is a philanthropist who has given generously to causes such as children health and youth empowerment. He is paying for the healthcare of over 250 children at the moment on a annual basis. And he financed entrepreneurial dreams of more then 500 youths in Tanzania.

I could go on and on about the many examples that shows how Diamond Platnumz is the paragon of virtue, but I understand lengthy writings tend to bore readers.

With that in regard, let me thank you for reading this far; and please ignore attempts of bringing state politics into the entertainment business. Let those who lost political elections try again next time - on a political front, not on an entertainment platform.

Yours truly,

Baba Indundumile

Citizen of Tanzania


This petition made change with 141 supporters!

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