Bushfire Affected Wildlife

Bushfire Affected Wildlife

3 January 2020
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Started by TARA Feeney

Millions of animals are dead and hundreds of thousands more will perish over coming days/weeks as a result of killer bushfires terrorising southeast Australia.

Your new Australia Day range featuring our Aussie animals - the ones who have lost their homes/food/been injured etc with the current fires raging across the country  - I strongly feel you should donate a portion of each item sold, to a dedicated wildlife group to help rehabilitate those in need.

Makes sense to do the above suggestion when those animals in the most danger, need it desperately! 

A few organisations you could link yourselves with are:




There are many more our there! 

I ask you to consider my suggestion and do some research for what organisation you're willing to donate proceeds to.


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Signatures: 38Next goal: 50
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