Best Buy Employees & Customers to Restrict Maskless Customers

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I am a Best Buy retail employee and have received guidance to allow customers without masks to enter, shop, interact with employees and other customers, and check out. All with zero repercussions or any questions about their presence in our store. First, the state I work in has state mandates requiring masks when shopping indoors; not enforcing this is in conflict to state mandates. Second, employees have not accepted this job with the risks associated with maskless customers. Third, our company is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act in that we provide curbside pickup for those unable to wear a mask in stores. With this, there should be no question about a zero tolerance policy for those unwilling or unable to wear a mask in our stores cannot enter our stores. In order to achieve these reasonable standards we should take a firm stance against customers who refuse to wear masks and not allow them to enter our stores.

As a Best Buy retail employee I have spoken to multiple store manager and to the Best Buy Ethics team and I have received zero reassurance that this concern will be appropriately addressed. As employees and customers we need to stand up for our beliefs and safety. 

There are plenty of other retailers who have set the precedent that those who refuse to wear a mask in their store are not allowed entry. As a company that claims to pride itself on its ethics we should be one of those retailers. It is unethical to subject employees and customers to these risks. 

I want to see Best Buy take the COVID-19 pandemic with the severity it warrants, and take a firm stance against those that seek to prolong its effects at home, and nationwide. Please sign this petition to align yourself with these values. If you can please also reach out to the corporate team to voice these concerns. They’re active on Twitter @BestBuy and @BestBuySupport. The general corporate customer service number is 1-800-237-8289. The general corporate office number is 1-612-291-1000. And Corie Barry’s, Best Buy’s CEO, email is This website also has more contact information for senior level Best Buy corporate employees

Thank you for your time and support. Support you frontline and essential workers. Please stay safe and healthy.