Need of well lite light for alternative road to airport in Bangalore

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The alternative route to Kempegowda International Airport, which was launched with much fanfare recently still lacks basic facilities. 

Those who have used the road say that it can even get unsafe to travel on this road during peak hours or at night.

Even when the road was inaugurated on March 5, officials said that pending works such as fixing of lights will be completed soon.

The alternative road will reduce the distance to reach the airport by at least 10km for those travelling from eastern parts of the city.

Bescom with support and instructions should now not only execute the plan to light up the corridor on priority, but also ensure the streetlights are well-maintained. Dark roads and alleys always embolden anti-social elements, who think they can unabashedly engage in unlawful activities. Citizens of the Startup City need to feel safe round the clock, and better street lighting is a basic requirement to that end thus making it safe for the airport commuters.