Denounce Australian MP Tony Abbott's support for former Malaysian PM Najib Razak

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On May 9, Malaysians voted in the 14th Malaysian General Elections. After the announcement was made by the Election Commission of Malaysia that scandal-plagued Prime Minister Najib Razak had been defeated and his party, Barisan National had suffered a stunning election loss, Tony Abbott, Federal Member for Warringah, Australia tweeted two messages:

"Australia will miss him even if, right now, his own people might not"

"PM Najib Razak was a good friend of Australia and a voice of decency and common sense at international gatherings. On the big questions he got much right and his time in government saw strong and effective cooperation between our countries."

Bersih Australia strongly condemns the message being sent out by Tony Abbott, implying that Australia supports corrupt and undemocratically elected dictators. The Malaysian people have spoken with a resounding message that they reject the ruling coalition and a kleptocratic government. With his tweets, Tony has shown a huge disrespect for fellow Malaysians who have ended a murderous, corrupt regime and set a world benchmark in reclaiming democracy. 

Bersih Australia urge Australians and Malaysians to reject and denounce this message by Tony Abbott. We would like to remind him that the ex-PM Najib Razak has never been a "voice of decency and common sense", and is in fact, one of the most corrupt government officials in the world.

If you would like to send your personal comments to Tony Abbott himself, please tweet him @TonyAbbottMHR or