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Berry College SGA, Administration, and Alumni Association: Change the name of the proposed football stadium from Valhalla to Ragnarok

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Michigan has the Big House. LSU and Clemson have their Death Valleys. Notre Dame has Touchdown Jesus. All of them are iconic monuments that represent long, glorious traditions of football history, and they are perfect examples of what we think of when he hear the phrase “home-field advantage.” While this institution we love may not necessarily ascribe to goals as lofty as the institutions listed above, we are embarking on a new era in its history, one that will bring us more renown that we have ever previously had. In that spirit, it is essential that we make certain that everything be done to lay the foundation for the future success of our burgeoning football program. The largest step in this process must be creating a home-field advantage of our own. Therefore, we the undersigned propose the following:

(1) That the name of the planned on-campus stadium at Berry College be changed from Valhalla to Ragnarok.

We make this petition on the following bases:

(A) Semantic – According to, “Ragnarok was the doom of the gods and the humans. It would be the final battle between the Aesir and Jotuns. The battle will take place on the plains called Vigrid. According to same source, Valhalla is “…is the hall where the god Odin houses the dead whom he deems worthy of dwelling with him. This is not a reward for moral behavior or anything of the sort, however; most of those to whom he grants access to Valhalla are distinguished warriors whom he collects for the perfectly selfish purpose of having them come to his aid in his foredoomed struggle against the wolf Fenrir during Ragnarok."

The question is do we want our opponents to see our stadium as place where they come to hang out and play a friendly game of football, or do we want them to know they are walking into a stadium where an epic gridiron war is about to take place? A stadium that when they get back on the bus and ride away they can say, “We just had the fight of our lives.”

(B) Atmosphere: Close your eyes and imagine a stadium full of furious Viking fans. Then imagine a distinctive voice calling out over the PA, “WELCOME TO THE ‘ROK!” That alone should give you goose bumps. We already have the world’s most beautiful campus as a drawing point. We already have “The Cage.” We have to consider that we are adding an extra gladiatorial component to our campus. The name should reflect that.

(C) Marketing: Think about it. Ragnarok Stadium a.k.a “The ‘Rok.” The name sells itself. The marketing and advertising possibilities are endless. Apparel, posters, and radio/TV campaigns could be significant money makers. For a school the size of Berry, we have to look at as many avenues of revenue that we possibly can. Valhalla, while a wonderful name, simply does not present Berry with as many of those opportunities.

Please know that we sign this petition as a sign of our love for our school and our desire for its success. Also, we do not wish to diminish the hard work that has already gone into this process. However, we feel this change is in the best interest of the school and the football program. For this program to be successful we have to get things started properly. We have one shot at this, and we need to make it count. Upon this Ragna-Rok we should build our football dynasty.


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