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On February 5th, 2021, a video of Officer Jason Stamp beating a 20 year old emerged onto twitter and tik tok. In this video, you can see Stamp slamming the victims head into the ground, hitting him on the head with a taser, sitting on him in a dangerous and unethical way, whilst his colleagues stand there and let this happen. The victim in question, Skyler Kent, was given a ticket for riding a skateboard through a few red lights. Unprovoked Officer Stamp and his colleagues abused their power and brutalized one the many citizens they have sworn to protect. Police Brutality is an act many Canada civilians have sadly experienced. Officer Stamp of the Barrie Ontario Police Dep is facing no criminal charges, still has his job, and works in more than 8 local schools. This monster not only needs to be fired, but also be put behind bars and receive anger management treatment. This situation is just another example that Canada and its "protection" systems do not care for the civilians they have SWORN to protect. CHARGE OFFICER JASON STAMP!!