@BernieSanders Didn't Go to @AIPAC. Tell @SpeakerPelosi Not to Go.

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Recently, there’s been a bit of controversy about the alleged power and influence of AIPAC, the main lobby that advocates in Washington for the perceived interests of the Netanyahu regime. Some have suggested that AIPAC has a lot of power and influence in Washington. Some have suggested that this influence has something to do with money. Others have suggested that AIPAC’s influence is exaggerated, and/or that its influence isn’t related to money.
Now AIPAC’s policy conference is coming up, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has an opportunity to demonstrate her independence from AIPAC, by not going to the AIPAC conference.
Three years ago, Bernie Sanders skipped the AIPAC conference, even though all the other presidential candidates were going. That proves that going to AIPAC is a choice. If Bernie Sanders doesn’t have to go, Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have to go.
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