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We need to Change Auto / Liability Insurance Laws on Vermont.

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Hi. My names is Angie Farr. I am a mom of 2 children.  I have a 15 yr old son and a 13 old daughter. We live in St. Albans Vermont.

We together need to change some things because what I am about to share could have happened to anyone of you, unfortunately it happened to my daughter. I want and need to be heard and we need to change some laws and policies so this does not happen again and if you  should find yourself where I am , or where my daughter is, you will be better prepared. 

On December 23, 2017 my daughter Yana was in a car accident. She was buckled. She is paralyzed from her waist down. The Doctors tell me she will never walk again. She has spinal cord damage. And she is currently in Philadelphia at Shriners hospital receiving the best possible Care.

The driver of the car she was in, has a lengthy driving record. He has 6 DWI. My concern is the insurance part of this. Someone with a negligent driving record as his, he should have full coverage and full liability for anyone in his car. If someone has a negligent driving record, the rates should be higher.  He is at risk. There should be red flags. He should not have the privilege  to pay the bare minimum as someone with a clean driving record. In the State of Vermont,  the laws need to be redone when it comes to insurance. Insurance needs to be individuallay done, done accordingly. 

His auto insurance is horrible. I do not understand how he didn't have to have full coverage in his car and for anyone that is a passenger in his car, including himself. His driving record says it all. 

The things my daughter has to struggle with and what we are facing now and when she does come home, this is not going to go away. This is  life changing, and the driver of the car should have had insurance to take care of this. He had 6 DWI, and numerous other negligent driving convictions. I am upset that Progressive didn't look do into this. They should have insured accordingly. Not to just get a cheap policy out. How many other people are out on these roads driving with such poor policies? And that is what they are, POOR. They offer a bare minimum.  Which in this case amounts to nothing. 


We need to make sure that people with DWI, negligent, speeding tickets, any kind of criminal driving history,  they need to pay for full coverage.  And if it is to much to pay then I guess they should not be driving! 


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