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Turn Trump Rallies into involuntary walkathons for a good cause

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What if we turn Trump rallies into Walkathons where every participant that attends involuntarily raises money for a good cause or anti-hate charity or Bernie campaign?

Like all decent people I've been scratching my head on how we stop the rise of Drumpf. Then I remembered this article from last year about how this nice little German town couldn't get a bunch of goose stepping neo Nazis to stop holding their annual march in the town's main Street. The more the residents protested, the more wing nuts would come, planning their family vacations around the annual show of strength and the titillation of potential violence. Sound familiar?
So the protestors came up with a brilliant solution. A way to use the hate against the haters - they turned the rally into a sponsored walkathon! Without the wingnuts’ knowledge, local residents and businesses sponsored the participants of the march and for every meter they walked they were inadvertantly raising money for an anti-extremist charity.
So 'Merca! We should turn Drumpf protests into sponsored walkathons where sponsors donate a dollar for every Drumpf supporter at a rally to raise money for a good cause. We get John Oliver, Stewart and Bernie and all good people to hype the hell out of it. Then when the Muppet colored bigot over hypes the number of participants we can just take him at his word and raise millions!

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