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Transparency and Representative Justice from Our Revolution

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Jesika Gonzalez  (@jskagon) undertook a #HungerStrike to demand justice and transparency from Our Revolution starting August 2nd at 10PM. She has since ended the strike at 8:30PM August 29th. These were her demands:

"1. Agenda setting power within Our Revolution be yielded to the people. In addition, that OR center the voices of the historically marginalized. This may mean repopulating the entire staff at Our Revolution with persons of historically marginalized backgrounds and that the staff be selected by the people, not the monied puppeteers.

2. That OR release deocumentation of every penny in and out of its dark money coffers since its inception in August of 2016."

Bernie Sanders, you are compelled to acknowledge this hunger strike as a rightful expression of the continued spirit of the revolution you began. That is, one by the people, for the people, and free from special interest intrusion or co option. Bernie and Nina, we demand that you both agree to a public livestream session with Jesika, to discuss the terms of her strike and why you will or will not meet the reasonable demands she has outlined. Our hope is that once these requirements to centering justice are met, the real people's revolution can begin.

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