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Start a state-run solar energy company to pay down our taxes and help the environment

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 Did you know that Norway has amassed over $800 billion in their state pension fund from state owned oil.  That is money owned by the citizens of Norway, earned from their country's natural resources.  Why can't the United States have the same thing but with solar energy.  Why not amass our own pension fund and pay down our own taxes with the interest, create jobs and help out the environment with a state-owned solar energy company.  Our country's resources should serve the country as a whole.  And what more of an inexhaustible resource than the sun?

This petition is to tell members of congress we the people of the United States are interested  in them preparing the legal and political pathway for a state-run solar energy company.  If we achieve our goal the United States of America will achieve energy independence, create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of solar panels, drastically reduce carbon emissions and severely curtail the oil and gas lobby which threatens the very existence of our planet.  In the process, profits from the sale of energy in this country will pay down our taxes, putting more money in the pockets of everyday people.  Imagine the hundreds of billions of dollars earned by oil and gas companies, paying down your taxes instead of ending up the pockets of a few wealthy people.  

We the people want to use our natural resource, the sun, to benefit us all and protect our planet from further damage.  We request our elected representatives to put this plan into action. 

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