Speak Out Against Syrian Sanctions!

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In December, President Trump signed the Caesar Act into law. This week, sanctions from the legislation take effect in Syria, further endangering the civilian population.

Per Save the Children:

-82% of Syrians live in poverty

-41% of Syrian children aren't in school

-28% of Syrian children suffer from malnutrition & stunting

The ongoing civil war in Syria has done incalculable damage to the economy and these sanctions will only further the devastation as COVID leaves even secure nations vulnerable.

We're asking leaders in Washington to take a stand in opposition to the Caesar Act, which passed Congress through a voice vote. As demonstrations against police brutality & racial injustice sweep the nation, we can't forget about our role on the global stage and the harm our foreign policy has wrought across the Middle East.

Obama and the CIA trained rebels who later aligned with Al-Qaeda affiliates. Joe Biden's foreign policy adviser, Tony Blinken, insisted that their administration would leave U.S. troops guarding Syrian oil to pressure Assad's government. The United Nations investigated American forces for war crimes committed in Syria last year.

As chaos and despair sweep through Syria, it's imperative that the United States stop its interventions, be they via force or economic warfare. America's intentions are dubious and benefits to the Syrian people have proven non-existent. The Trump Administration's promise to deliver humanitarian aid to civilians was already broken following sanctions against Iran. These sanctions are designed to inflict maximum pain on citizens to produce regime change. They're ineffective, brutal and all too common. Please help end this violent pattern and take a stand against them today.