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We Are Interviewed by the Magazine "In These Times"

Michael Trudeau
Cary, NC

May 22, 2014 — The magazine In These Times interviewed me on the question of Bernie Sanders and under which banner Bernie should run. Excerpt:

"'Over 80 percent of Democrats want Hillary Clinton to be president,' says Trudeau, referencing recent polling data. “I think that says volumes about the character of the Democratic Party. And that someone like Bernie Sanders, I don’t think he will have rank-and-file Democratic support, let alone super-delegate support.'

'The exercise of him running as a Democrat, in my mind, would really just be an exercise in bringing in progressives, liberals, people left of the Democratic Party into the Democratic Party, because he’s there,' Trudeau continues. 'And then all these people end up voting for Clinton, neoliberalism, Wall Street, corporatism, everything that she stands for … He talks about this political revolution—it’s not going to happen with the Democratic Party. It’s going to be shut down.'"

Run, Bernie, Run-But As What?
Run, Bernie, Run-But As What?
Dems, Greens, independents and socialists are courting Vermont's junior senator. The true legacy of Sanders' campaign-that is, if it is to serve as more than a mere stumbling block to Hillary Clinton's coronation-depends on how much traction it generates among grassroots activists, according to Lighty.