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The Debate: Independence or Partisanship

Michael Trudeau
Cary, NC

Mar 29, 2014 — "With Senator Bernie Sanders considering a presidential run and asking people to share their thoughts on whether he should run as an independent or a Democrat, the debate over partisanship is going to grow. We view this as an important opportunity to help many Americans realize that we need to escape from the two-party trap, as we try to do through our daily movement news and resource website,"

The Debate: Independence or Partisanship
The Debate: Independence or Partisanship
Truthout doesn't take corporate money, and we don't shy away from confronting the root causes of injustice. Can you help sustain our work with a tax-deductible donation? Finally there is a much-needed debate about the relationship that people who are working for progressive change should have with the Democratic Party.

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