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Sanders–Green Party Article Is Published at Firedoglake

Michael Trudeau
Cary, NC

Feb 16, 2014 — Green Party media coordinator Scott McLarty published an article at Firedoglake on Thursday about Sanders going Green. It's big news for our effort; it means the Green Party has seen the merit of our initiative. Excerpt:

"Progressive Dems have tried for decades to steer their party back towards its alleged principles. Despite their best efforts, the Democratic Party continues to slide to the right. . . .

If you want a revolution, you have to do something revolutionary. The political revolution that Sen. Sanders advocates requires a sustained movement that’s represented by a party in the electoral arena. The party must be permanent, serious about electoral participation, independent of the bipartisan establishment, and beyond the reach of corporate PACs, lobbyists, and campaign checks. One party fits that description."

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If Bernie Sanders Runs in 2016: Dem, Indy, or Green? | MyFDL
If Bernie Sanders Runs in 2016: Dem, Indy, or Green? | MyFDL
A Democratic or Independent Sanders campaign for the White House won't ignite a "political revolution." But a Green Sanders campaign might. Should Sen. Bernie Sanders (Ind.-Vt.) run for president? The creeping realization that the next Democratic nominee may be Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has already picked up $400,000 in speaking fees (i.e., unofficial campaign contributions, i.e., bribes) from Goldman Sachs, is making a progressive alternative increasingly attractive for 2016.