Petition Update

Sanders Announces He Might Run for President

Michael Trudeau
Cary, NC

Nov 23, 2013 — Sanders's announcement that he might run is good news for our initiative, but only if Sanders is interested in running as a Green candidate. Please keep the pressure on, asking Sanders to reach out to top Greens such as Jill Stein, and likewise asking Stein and other prominent leftists to reach out to Sanders.

From Sen. Bernie Sanders's website:

"Bernie for President?: Sen. Bernie Sanders said on Friday [11/15/2013] that it is essential to have someone in the 2016 presidential campaign willing to take on Wall Street, address the collapse of the middle class, tackle the spread of poverty and fiercely oppose cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Addressing global warming also needs to be a top priority, not an afterthought, Sanders said. In an interview with the 'Burlington Free Press,' Sanders said he is willing to consider a run, probably as an independent, if no other progressive candidate steps up."

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