Presidential Psychological Testing

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     The executive branch of our democracy is the only branch with the power to act quickly and unilaterally without agreement from congress. The power of executive order can instantly mobilize troops around the world or change domestic policy. When this happens Congress is pushed into a reactive roll. The quality of reactive action can be compromised by a sense of urgency making reactive actions prone to mistakes.

     Executive actions result from cognitive ability and emotional stability (mental health) of the President of the United States as well as the mental health of his or her advisors. The advisors include the Vice President, Presidential Cabinet, and his personally selected advisors. Some advisors are elected officials i.e., The Vice President. Other advisors i.e. Presidential Cabinet members, are subject to approval by Congress and the Presidents personally selected advisors, strategists, and counselors are subject to no approval process at all. All of these men and women influence the President’s decision making process and can result in the issuance of executive action.

     In this petition I propose, the President, Vice President, his or her cabinet selections, and all Presidential Advisors, Counselors and Chief Strategists complete thorough formal and informal psychological evaluations. I further propose that these evaluations be required of these executive branch elected officials before taking office.

     The influential, unilateral power of the Presidency requires confidence that the evaluations are thorough and unbiased. For this reason, I propose that each individual holding the positions stated and outlined above undergo two psychological evaluations. One evaluation will be administered by a randomly selected member in good standing of the American Psychiatric Association with a minimum of five years in practice. Another evaluation will be administered by a randomly selected member in good standing of the American Psychological Association with a minimum of five years in practice. Each evaluation will include formal and informal evaluation.

     Each individual seeking the positions defined above in this document is required to pass both evaluations to the satisfaction of the Psychologist or Psychiatrist administering the evaluation.

     Should an evaluation result be disputed for its merit for any reason the evaluation will be reviewed by the regulatory body that oversees the test administer i.e. either the American Psychological Association or the American Psychiatric Association. Resolution of a disputed evaluation will result from said review.

     Should a candidate seeking any of the above defined positions fail either or both evaluations and have the findings upheld by the agency overseeing the licensing of the administrator of the evaluation, the political candidate will no longer be eligible to hold office as President, Vice President, Cabinet member or executive branch advisor for that election cycle.

    Should an individual seek one of these positions again in the future they will be required to successfully complete the same protocol of psychological evaluation administered by two new randomly selected test administrators.

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