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Bernie Sanders to join Democratic Party

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Dear Sir,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your campaign during the primary races of the Democratic Party this past year.  Your words and your agendas struck chords with many of us, and expressed the things for which we have been advocating inside our party, for years.  The substance of your campaign made perfect sense on so many different levels, and your words spoke out for the common American, the little guy, and we knew that we had a champion in you.

Your ideas on how to reign in big business, large banks, financial institutions and Wall Street make perfect sense and are what is needed to protect the economic viability of the middle and working classes and the nation, as a whole.  Your plans for job creation, your ideas on trade policy and your position on wages and taxation are, indeed, what this nation needs, and your campaigning on these ideas impacted the platform of the Democratic Party in 2016.

Your stances on social equality and justice not only counter the current waves of racism and sexism we see billowing across the nation, they inspire people and appeal to the best and most noble of our attributes, rather than the base darkness to which we see some politicians playing.  Your Lincolnesque stance on this nation and our Constitution being of, by and for the people should be the primary, if not the only, interpretation and basis of the law.

Your excitement and vigor sparked the flame of political activism in a new generation of Americans, of all races, creeds, colors, and economic backgrounds.  Your ideas and intent to appeal to the masses was a great difference to the usual milquetoast, moderate, corporatist politicians we have been stuck with in the past.  You have shown that a campaign designed to steer ever leftward can actually be viable in the American political landscape of the 21st Century.

Yes, sir, you ran a great campaign, and you were gracious and conciliatory in your defeat – a defeat described by many as unfair and rigged against you.  Yes, you had a hard row to hoe and an upward battle all the way to the end with countless obstacles and the playing field slanted against you, and yet you did better than anyone expected, most could have hoped.

However, you did lose.  The biggest reason for this is because you are not a Democrat.  Not until just prior to announcing your candidacy in June 2015 were you ever a Democrat, and you left the party after losing the nomination.

Now, I do understand and appreciate your reasons for doing what you did.  Unencumbered by internal party politics and the endless fundraising, you were able to be your own man and to take stances which might be seen as unpopular by the powers in this nation.  You didn’t have to kowtow to or appease those to whom you were opposed, and allowed you to become the Senator you and, and to accomplish a great many good things for the nation.

However, you also realize in order to be the conduit of any great change in the American political arena, you must be a member of one of the two major parties.  You demonstrated this knowledge by joining the Democratic party and running as a Democrat instead of as a third party candidate.

Right now, what we need in the Democratic Party is great leadership.  We need a rally point.  We need inspiration.  We need a leader who is known for his honesty and integrity. At this time, what we need, Senator Sanders, is you.

We are asking you to rejoin the Democratic Party and give us the leadership we so direly need and so greatly deserve.  Help us put the Democratic Party back on the path of goodness, righteousness, compassion and honor.

Please, sir, do it for those of us who, too, love social and economic justice.  Do it for those who want to believe in a system but have been let down, time and time again.  Do it for the little guy, for the middle class and for working Americans.  Do it for the downtrodden.  Do it for us, the Democratic Party.

But, sir, do it mostly for this wonderful nation we both so dearly love.

Sincerely, and signed for us, en masse

Thom Payne

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