New Heights Daycare Neglecting and Abusing Children. Shut Them Down Today!

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I recently sent my nine month old daughter to the daycare New Heights in Morrisville Vermont. She was there in total a week and three days. She came home with multiple bruises, including finger marks on both sides of her, like she was grabbed  too hard by one of the teachers. The next day I went to give her, her medicine on my break from work and I walked in and she was sitting with one of the teachers, her back to me as if the teacher was trying to hide her from me, turned around and she has a huge bruise on her head between the size of a golf ball and a soft ball. I was told I was being over dramatic “it’s just a little bump on the head” and “you should have seen the other baby, she had it way worse. She’s chubby so she’s always getting bruises” and that she crawled into a rocking chair. This bruise was too big to be from crawling into the bottom of the rocking chair. On one occasion I was going to drop off my daughter before work and a baby girl about six moths of age was sitting on the floor alone in the corner of the infant room. She was hysterically crying and her head looked like she had just hit it off of something hard. When I went to find the director of the program she told me not to worry and someone would be in soon. Needless to say my daughter was taken out that day. I made a Facebook post and many other parents shared their stories with me about there children coming home with bruises, hand prints, scratches, and even witnessing neglect and abuse. This childcare also has had two recent violations for the same type of things happening. I called yesterday and their receiving two to three more. I asked if there was a chance for them to be shut down, my child has been removed from there but there are many more children and parents that are going to be going through this before they will shut them down, this petition is the last chance we have to do something to get this place shut down before anymore children are neglected or abused. Please sign the petition and help save this next generation.