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National Impeachment Day

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The purpose of a National Impeachment Day is to remind this President and both chambers of Congress that they were elected to run this Democracy in the spirit of our forefathers. Support for Trump's impeachment is growing. Currently, 42% of Americans support Trump's impeachment. That's higher than his approval rating. Trump's impeachment is inevitable were it not for the Republican majorities in both chambers of Congress. However, impeachment only requires a simple majority.

By establishing a National Impeachment Day on April 5, 2018, Americans are sending a popular message to both chambers of Congress that aside from incompetence and conflicts of interest, bigotry and hatred will not be tolerated anywhere, including this Presidency. 

The first 100 days of Donald Trump's presidency reveals that his priorities are benefiting corporations and the wealthiest people at everyone else's expense. The Washington Post has compiled a list of the 1000 lies that have been told by Donald Trump since he was elected. The Center for American Progress has compiled a list of the top 100 ways that the Trump administration has directly hurt Americans. Trump's foreign policy, has made America less secure in 100 days.

A century from now Americans might still be celebrating National Impeachment Day, like France has Bastille Day. And thankfully, President Trump will be forgotten. But National Impeachment Day will be the one thing that remains when President Trump and his administration have been removed from office and it will serve to remind our elected leaders that our government stands with ordinary Americans - working families, children, the elderly, and the poor. By sending this message to our elected leaders, we are asking for their accountability to us, to represent the truth the best that they can, and to serve responsibly and denounce the violence and racial slurs that have beguiled and disgraced this nation for over a century. National Impeachment Day is a celebration of the power of average working class citizens revolting against powerful people who are attempting to oppress and enslave us from within this powerful nation.


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