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Let's Tell Congress What We Want for Health care

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The idea for this health care petition – hopefully to become a movement, a philosophical basis for how we care for each other in our great country – started with a reflection on 48 years of contributing to Social Security from my first job at 16 until now.  Back then I had no clue as to what FICA paid for but eventually understood that it was part of who we are as a country and society, that it was about us “ being in this together”, that we need to share some burdens and care for each other.  At this point in our society, a new need has surfaced and the traditional forms of coverage for health care are no longer adequate and diverse enough for our age.


ObamaCare paved the way for a comprehensive health care system but we know it has flaws.  That being said, basic preventive care – the ObamaCare mandates - have enormous merit – whether it helps reduce high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and compels pre-natal care and cancer screenings among other things – it will save lives and money and we will benefit collectively and economically from a healthier citizenry. 


My take is that the exchanges compelled too many small and segregated actuarial pools – that the groups need to be bigger and insist that the young and healthy participate (back to the principle that “we are in this together”). While acknowledging the complexity of health care and it’s funding, I hope that we could agree on a basic set of principles for how our citizens are cared for.  So here goes - an organizing philosophy for our Congress to follow:


1) All are covered by a thorough health plan equal or better than NCQA of 4.5 (rated as “very good or better”) whether by employer, state or federal agency or self purchased without exclusion for pre-existing conditions.  In the USA in 2017, we should be able to take care of all of our fellow Americans even if it requires an expansion of Medicaid/ Medicare.

2) The presumption that the public plans would be a group that includes all ages and existing conditions in one group.  I personally know of small group plans with better coverage and rates than the exchanges.

3) At a minimum, every citizen would have available a plan and a rate equal or better than those available to United States Government employees and Congress.

4) Make health care for all a priority even if it requires reduction in other budgets.

5) Consider a National Sales Tax to help fund health care and health insurance.

6) The current versions of TrumpCare are not acceptable.

7) That the requirements for health insurance and care are national standards and not by state so everyone is covered equally.

8) Creating a system and environment for “Equal” health care and insurance coverage for all is one of the most important mandates of the current Congress.



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