Joe Biden Needs Neurological Testing

Joe Biden Needs Neurological Testing

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Daniel K started this petition to Senator Bernie Sanders and

Joe Biden is at a "very high risk" for cognitive impairment and dementia, according to a study from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston from 2017.

Here are the facts:

In 1988, Joe Biden suffered from 2 aneurysms--a condition with a "very high risk to develop cognitive impairment," according to a 2017 Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Dementia eventually occurs in 63% of the patients, according to the first large-scale study of the long-term implications done on Biden's injury.
Biden has had two such aneurysms, one on the left side of his brain, and one on the right side, which leads to "progressive cognitive impairment." 

Intracranial hemorrhages are both the most lethal and have the worst long-term health effects. They occur when a blood vessel ruptures, which leads to internal bleeding.

"The incidence of depression and subsequently dementia is very high, and healthcare providers need to be on the lookout for it in order to counsel patients and families,” said Dr. Alessandro Biffi, MD, of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and lead researcher of the study.

Biden released his medical record on December 15, 2019. While the released record acknowledges the injury, it does not describe any neurological testing that has been done on him, or any results of neurological tests if he is neurologically sound. Also absent is recognition of how his aneurysm impacts cognitive health.

The last time follow-up on his brain health was in 2014, according to Biden's medical records and it was a check to see if there was a recurrence, which there was not. Recurrence of the aneurysm while potentially deadly, does not increase the already high likelihood of cognitive impairment, according to the study.

Kevin O'Connor is the doctor who wrote the letter for Biden in late 2019. The letter called him "healthy, vigorous," and "fit to successfully execute the duties of the presidency." O'Connor has also been shown to be partial to Biden, donating more than $2,800 to his campaign, according to FEC data.


This is a risk to the Democratic party in their nomination process. This is a risk to the Democratic party if they want to unseat Donald Trump. And if Biden wins it all, this is a risk to the nation to have someone who has a "very high risk" of cognitive impairment and dementia handling the nuclear codes, working with foreign nations, and making life or death decisions for millions of people minute to minute.

This petition is a call to action that Joe Biden must undergo neurological testing. He must release the results. He must show, what has never been shown in his medical record, that he is of sound mind to be Commander-in-Chief. This testing is essential.

He is medically at "very high risk," and testing must be done to address this.


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