We The People Want Scott Pruitt Of The EPA Recalled and Fired From the EPA.

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We As a Nation need to realize the damage Scott Pruitt has in store for This country and our well being. We have to stand together and fight against Toxins in our air and in our water. Scott Pruitt should not be in charge of the EPA. He has sued them in the past and has Taunted Them in the past and has shown nothing but disrespect currently as he is now the administrator of the EPA. We can not sit idly by and watch Mr.Pruitt Send our nation back to the 30's and Risk our nations water and our world's air quality so he can please his donors and Buisness partner's.  He has recently fired scientists and wants to replace them with oil and gas industry Employees.  This is not what the EPA or America needs. We need more EPA regulations and Green energy Technologies and push for the Future! We will not Live much longer if we allow Scott Pruitt to deregulate our EPA to nothing but a deregulated and non existent Agency so he can please himself in his own revenge, along with profiting from the destruction of our Country and our planet! We need to put people and planet over Party! This should not be a partisans issue this should be a bipartisan issue and it is a World issue. Not only is Mr.Pruitt In fact Bad for the EPA and the planet but he has Also, not followed the EPA' s Guidelines and has actually Failed to enforce many Policys that we're put into place prior to him getting the Job. So I ask and beg of you Senator's and Cogressmen and women to Recall Scott Pruitt and Fire him from the current position he has and Replace him with A actual scientists and or earth science Professor's from Any college such as Harvard university, Yale or Arizona state university.  I would even Consider Bill Nye or Dr Jill Stein To replace Scott Pruitt's Current postion in the EPA. PLEASE HELP AMERICA! AND FIRE SCOTT PRUITT IMMEDIATELY! Thank you Lady's and Gentlemen. May God bless you all. 

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