Help American Mother Trapped in Saudi with Daughter

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Bethany Vierra, an American citizen, and her 4 year old daughter, Zaina (dual US and Saudi citizenship) are stuck in Saudi Arabia without freedom of movement to visit home in the US. Male guardianship laws give Bethany's abusive ex-husband, Mr. Ghassan Alhaidari, the 'right' to dictate every aspect of Zaina's life, including her travel. Mr. Alhaidari has also attempted to take custody from Ms. Vierra because she is a working mother, having started the first yoga studio in Riyadh.

We are asking Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Chris Murphy, due to their commendable stances on US policy on Saudi Arabia, to intervene on behalf of these American citizen's and allow them their human right to freedom of movement and Bethany's right to keep her daughter. We are also asking for assistance from the US Department of State, UNHRC, UNCRC and UNCSW