Ensure Election Integrity: Independent Poll Monitors Needed for Democratic Primary 2016

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Please SHARE our Petition On Social Media to Demand Poll Monitors for Democratic Primary

In less then 24 hours, we have garnered over 1500 signatures asking the Sanders campaign to request independent poll monitors for the 2016 Democratic primary election. This petition is more than a request to Sanders, it is a strategy to give Bernie Sanders's LEVERAGE to ask for independent oversight. If we can generate a petition that includes 10s of thousands of signatures demanding independent oversight, it will give him leverage to move forward with this request. This is our People's movement, and it will be up to us to ensure that we do not fall victim to fraud or rigged votes. Please share on your social media pages NOW. In solidarity Debbie Lusignan aka The Sane Progressive

Deborah Lusignan
5 years ago