Congress Must Enact National Online Simplified Sales Tax Collection

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It appears likely the supreme court will reverse its ruling on internet sales tax collection leading to a great burden to micro businesses that will cause them to close. The door will be open for states to individually pass differing and confusing tax regulation.

As a small online seller in Vermont the burden of collecting and filing to all states will be an expensive complicated burden not within my reach. There are millions of micro-businesses many in rural areas that will have to close their online businesses rather than comply with thousands of tax variations and filings.

Still, I understand as a resident of Vermont the desperate need for sales tax revenue to support state programs.

What I am proposing is a compromise that is good for small and large online businesses plus good for the states.

A 7% National Sales tax on All online sales with no variations or exceptions for items remitted by online sellers to the federal government quarterly would not be a burden to online businesses. The federal government, in turn, could distribute that money to each state based on population. Win/Win.

There would be no need for online sellers to have certificates and remit confusing taxes to 1000's of districts. 7% of any and all sales no need to keep track of states the sales are from. 1 place to remit a gross total too quarterly. For states, even small states with low online spending would get funding to invest in the needs of their state based on population.

The 7% is slightly higher than most states base collection and lower than California but with no exemptions for clothes or state by state rules, every sale would garner the full 7% sales tax.

My daughter who is 15 this year dreams of becoming an artist yet loves her life in rural Vermont. If she is unable to sell online to reach across the U.S. and touch others with her creativity due to the burden of complicated tax filings she will have to leave Vermont for the city or give up her dream.

Thousands of online microbusinesses exist in every rural state and they cannot afford the cost, complexity, and burden of online taxation unless simplified as above.

Please consider introducing this proposal as a Win for online sellers and a win for states.

Thank you for your consideration.

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