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Classify American Hate Groups As Terrorist Groups

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America has an embarrassing history of ignoring its domestic terror groups. Even going to great lengths not to refer to them as terrorist, or terror groups, in mainstream media.

When the subject of making it illegal to be a part of, or associated with, domestic terror groups, even the most left wing, and progressive, entities begin to cloak the argument in the terrorist right to free speech. Unfortunately, their right to free speech isn't the issue. It's these hate groups legacy of violence based on bigotry, misogyny, politics, xenophobia, and religion, that's obviously the issue. It isn't even their violent rhetoric that is the issue, but rather, their history, and legacy, of actually committing acts of violence, and the taking of human life, all for the purpose of forwarding their hate message.

Far too many politicians, and Liberal organizations, spend way too much time defending these hate groups First Amendment Rights. That's the problem, because if they were officially declared terror organizations, they wouldn't have a First Amendment Right to do anything, much less run for office, or be employed as a police officer. We already went to war with the Nazi's, so why are they afforded any rights at all. These are organizations, that proudly wave a flag, decorated with the Swastika, a symbol of one of America's greatest enemies, and should be considered just that; an enemy. They align themselves with an enemy that took the lives of hundreds-and-thousands of American soldiers (both Black, and White). To add insult to injury, they also waive the Confederate flag right next to their Nazi flag, sending a clear signal of their hateful values, and disregard for the lives of American soldiers who fought both enemies, and defeated them. The responsibility of every American is to fight its enemies, both foreign and domestic. I would follow that by also saying, it is the responsibility of every American to identify enemies of the state as terrorist.

Not only have you (the government) failed to do that, you've allowed these people to infiltrate America's law enforcement agencies (according to the FBI), giving them guns, the power to take freedom, and unprecedented benefit of doubt in our court systems, only to use those tools (you gave them), to attack the very American citizens they hate. You are allowing members of hate groups to patrol our communities. Then, when the FBI did its duty by reporting this problem to the state, the state allowed complaints from far right political constituents (and their Representatives) to pressure the sitting, White House Administration (and it's concerned agencies) into sweeping the problem under the proverbial rug.

While it should not be illegal to be active, or associated, with a hate group that has no history of violence against the state, or its citizens, once they are associated with a group that does have such a history, they should be flagged as a group which no state official, wether they be elected, or an employee of the Government (on any level), can be associated with. If it is discovered they are associated with such a group, they should be removed from their position immediately.

Once an individual is recorded as being a member of a domestic terror group, that individual should take that status with them, should they become a member of a group which is flagged as a nonviolent hate group, Also, that groups status should be changed to a domestic terror group (in other words, individual domestic terrorist, and domestic terror groups, should not be able to change their status from terrorist, or terror group, by swapping its members from one organization to another.

We, the people, shall leave it to the law makers of the land to lay the final details. But, when it's all said and done, violent hate groups need to be legally classified as domestic terror groups.

This law will help prevent Terror Groups from maintaining power within our government, and law enforcement agencies. It will also make American communities safer.


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