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US Senator Bernie Sanders recently made a statement about his ‘deep concern’ over the situation in Kashmir while addressing a huge gathering of Muslims at the annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America in Houston. He even asked the US government to speak up against the issue and support an “UN-backed peaceful resolution” which will be in favor of the people of Kashmir. By bringing up this issue, Sanders has meddled with India’s internal issue of Kashmir without much knowledge of the region’s conflicted history over all these years. 

Sign this petition to boycott US Senator Bernie Sanders campaign and stop him from using any such ignorant statements in the future, just for the sake of filling in some more votes. If you believe in a political system that is fair and respects the internal issues of a fellow nation, then here is your chance to do your bit and bring a change in the system. 


US Senator Bernie Sanders recently made a remark over the situation in Kashmir while addressing the Muslim community at the Islamic Society of North America’s annual convention in Houston. The 77 year old Democratic presidential contender stated that he was “deeply concerned” about the current state of affairs in Kashmir and even called for a strong take on the issue by the U.S. government. Bernie Sanders stressed on the fact that it is really important for the US government to “speak out loudly” on the issue and lend its support towards a peaceful solution backed by the UN authorities.

Bernie Sanders particularly mentioned the lockdown of communication services in Kashmir over the past few days, and the pressing need to end it as soon as possible. The Islamic Society of North America in Houston is one of the biggest Muslim gatherings of the country, and such remarks from Bernie Sanders over the Kashmir issue at this event definitely seem to indicate a clear political interest.

Bernie Sanders even re-imposed his political ideas by stating that the actions taken by the Indian government on the issue of Kashmir are not acceptable. The US Senator wants the US government to step into the matter, whilst supporting the international humanitarian law and order insisted by the UN. There is no doubt about the fact that it seems to be a part of Bernie Sanders agenda to win the votes of the Muslim community in Houston, by putting up a talk about the rights of the Kashmiri people in India.

The Backstory Behind the Present Situation in Kashmir 

On August 5, 2019, the Indian government revoked Article 370 – the same article that gave a special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir in the Indian Constitution. After revoking the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, the states have been divided into two Union Territories – that is Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh. 

Since then, conflict has aggravated between India and Pakistan, attracting political interest on the issue from different countries all around the world. As far as the security curbs and lockdown of communication services in Jammu and Kashmir are concerned, it has all been exercised to restraint terrorist activities in the valley. As per the concerned authorities, all mobile phone services and security restrictions in the valley are expected to be restored and eased in the coming few days.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s views on a Third Party Mediation on the situation in Kashmir 

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi clearly shunned away any possibility or interest in third party mediation on the issue of Kashmir. Defining this issue between India and Pakistan as bilateral in nature, Narendra Modi has left no scope for any kind of third party mediation on the topic. Even US President Donald Trump, who had recently shown an interest to mediate on the issue, was seen supporting this stance taken by the Indian Prime Minister. 

What makes Bernie Sanders interference in the Kashmir issue offensive?

Bernie Sanders views and statements on the Kashmir issue are quite likely to be influenced by Faiz Shakir, a Muslim activist who also happens to manage Sanders Pakistani-American campaign. While Bernie Sanders has no clear picture about the history and issues that have surfaced in the Kashmir valley in all these years, his statement appears to be nothing more than an agenda to make pro-Pakistani views. 

Despite the fact that the Indian Prime Minister has clearly declared the revoking of Article 370 as an internal matter; Sanders statement about India’s action being unacceptable has come up as an offensive one. In fact, Bernie Sanders statement regarding the situation in Kashmir and his concern for it seem a dubious attempt to gain public interest on a burning issue.

Just Another Political Campaign?

By showing his “concern” for the situation in Kashmir, Democratic Presidential contendor Bernie Sanders is trying to do nothing but winning votes from a religious minority in the US. This is simply unfair and unacceptable, because by doing so he is using a country’s long-worn history of conflict for his own benefit in the form of a victory in his political campaign. 

As Bernie Sanders criticized the “crackdown (in Kashmir) in the name of security”, he also didn’t leave a chance to touch on the topic of hate crimes against the Muslim community in the US. This is a clear indication of a well planned political campaign that has been designed to win more and more votes from a huge community of voters in the US.

So where on one hand Bernie Sanders is supposedly urging the US authorities to interfere in the Kashmir matter that largely concerns humanitarian rights, on the other hand he is trying to manipulate the sensibilities of a religious community for his own political gains.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!