A Plea from the passionate supporters of the Parramatta Eels

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To the Coach and Board of the Parramatta Eels Rugby League Club,

We the fans of the Parramatta Eels Rugby League Club have declared reason to send this heartfelt letter to you. We are proud to have built a strong membership base each year and to continue to passionately support our great Club. This Club is built on a proud tradition and has produced some exceptional players who have represented not just their club but also their state and countries of origin.

This letter comes to you as a passionate plea to all the staff involved in the club, the Board, the Coach and indeed the players. We have seen some great and inspirational moments in this club over the past 40 years however sadly of late these times have become quite lean. We have endured heartache and loss, but none so more as the looks and tears on the faces of the children at the game this week as we narrowly lost to the St George Illawarra Dragons. Those passionate tears of children, the drawn looks on their faces and the comforting words of parents as we try to console and explain these emotional moments is something that all involved in the club, including the players need to witness alongside us.

We understand that this is the nature of sport however we have endured enough. We as both paying and non-paying members have a need to expect more. We support the club through membership fees, game tickets, merchandise and water cooler chatter. We spread the word of our great club regardless of the result and stick by our team no matter the result. This is no longer enough.

We expect, no...we demand more. We are no longer happy to see smiling faces and jovial games at training sessions after another loss, we are no longer happy to hear about the indiscretions of players social misbehaviours, we are no longer happy to feel the pain of another loss.

We are happy with our Head Coach Brad Arthur who has provided the platform on which our players are to wield their trade. Our conditioning, our defence and our attacking coaches however have not provided what we feel is the cornerstone of this great club. Solid wall defence, innovative and free flowing attack and a never give up attitude that enables our players to run harder, faster and stronger and to never give up. We see individuals in games with no regard for team dynamics that leads to frustrations within the group and no cohesion on he field. We make errors and give away penalties because we fail to think and play smart.

As this season has come to a bitter end for our team we call on the Parramatta Eels Rugby League Club to make some positive change in this season and the next. We as the supporters of his great Club call on you to bring forward our new blood and inspire them to be the Eels strength that we know and love. Players such as Greg Leleisiuao, Reed Mahoney, Marata Niukore, Ray Stone, Dane Aukufolau, Jaemon Salmon and Nathan Davis need to be given an opportunity to shine on the NRL stage whilst we also hunt for experience from other clubs as well as new and exciting talent from other codes and other countries.

We have fond memories of Semi Radradra and have missed his size and speed. We saw him develop from a raw new player into the most exciting prospect our club has seen since the likes of Eric Grothe Snr. We were however unable to retain his services and allowed him a pathway to leave the club and the game. We as supporters believe we need to source similar talent and mould them in the same way, as opposed to buying players who are nearing the end of their career. This will not only prove cost effective but also reinvigorate the passion and excitement in our club as we watch these new players develop.

We, the co-signed plead with you to make the decision to change, to explore and to innovate. We plead with you to return this club to the our proud traditions and our rightful place at the top of the National Rugby League.

With deep and sincere regards,

The Supporters of the Parramatta Eels