Raise Awareness and Combat Mental Illness in Ridge High School

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One in five children ages 13-18 are diagnosed with a serious mental health disorder, and we have the evidence to prove this valid statistic in our own New Jersey High School. If you ask any high schooler, chances are they have or know someone who has been diagnosed with a mental health disorder. As the amount of adolescents suffering from mental illness increases exponentially, the awareness, acceptance, and resources for/of this issue remain insufficiently stagnant. Students are incredibly disappointed by the lack of acknowledgment from the administrators regarding diseases that are taking their friends and classmates lives. With an overwhelming relationship between stress and mental health, it is no wonder these mental problems arise during American children’s high school years. 

Eight of Ridge High Schools 2018 juniors and seniors have come together to fight for mental illness acknowledgment and to push for change. This petition will allow us to show policymakers the number of people who are standing behind our movement for change in our High School, and yours too. 

Please visit us on Instagram @ridgementalwellness and our website for more information and details on our mission https://mentalwellnesseducation.weebly.com