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Establish a Residents Petition-- Address Issues BERMAN ENTERPRISES/Bozzuto Ignores

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An open letter to: Berman Enterprises, Bozzuto, and The Bowen:

We are residents of 14909 Health Center Drive in Bowie, Maryland, and we would like to bring attention to the multiple security issues that have occurred at the Bowen; break-ins within resident’s apartments, in the garage, theft in the clubhouse, and violent offenders are being allowed in our home—in our residential communities—and Berman Enterprises refuses to address the issue(s) that have been brought to management’s attention.

Our apartment was broken into—and the police stated they believe the culprit planned on coming back. Then, in July, our guests cars were broken into; windows shattered, and thousands of dollars worth of damage and theft. The police, at this time, stated that the Bowen has been drawing a dangerous crowd, that several similar instances have occurred (one just the week prior), and the people involved were thought to be participants of a VIOLENT CRIME!

Upon inquiring with other residents and neighbors, we have learned others have experienced  (or are aware of) similar break-ins, and their concerns have been expressed to upper leasing management, trickled through corporate management, and brought to the attention of Berman Enterprises……. Yet NOTHING has been done.

We believe, now, that Berman Enterprises goes far beyond negligence, especially as their own lawyer was present in January, when the town of Bowie expressed security concerns about the Bowen ( <-- That link will take you to the City of Bowie, where it is shown that their lawyer was present while these concerns were vocalized).

Wetried to negotiate a few terms with Bozzuto and Berman Enterprises. Within these negotiations, we requested:


2)   We asked for a reimbursement for the thousands of dollars of theft and damage

3)   A rent abatement (for lack of being furnished a working dryer for many weeks, a cockroach infestation, a non-working alarm [from March to August], and 3 police reports about security)

Berman returned our request—two weeks later—with a stern no. To us, in our opinion, that means that Berman Enterprises does not want to entertain the idea about keeping their residents safe. Their response elicits the feeling that Berman Enterprises is nothing more than a corporation who takes your money but refuses to address, and amend, sincere concerns. As mentioned on Berman’s website, they have deep pockets and have a lot of money, but clearly refuse to implement the proper measures to equip their properties with the basic essentials.

Well, you know what? WE. HAVE. HAD. IT.

In general, there is air of distress and anxiety within the Bowen complex. After speaking to residents, while passing out the most recent police flyer provided by the Bowie Police Department, we discussed with [upwards of 30] residents who are angry, concerned, and have addressed these issues before to no avail.

We have very little hope of recovering our valuables, or receiving proper compensation from the Bowen, Bozzuto, and Berman enterprises. However, we are optimistic that through the disclosing of what we have gone through and learned, perhaps we, and all residents, can redeem our sense of security and safety that is not only necessary-- but expected by law.

Our intent is to put together a “Residents Petition” to DEMAND that Berman address these issues – and if you have expressed your concern before, or have any additional concerns, we sincerely hope that you will sign this petition (and even write a comment, as this WILL get into the appropriate hands). 

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