Berm and Wall - Domaine de la rivière Nation

Berm and Wall - Domaine de la rivière Nation

Lancée le
2 avril 2022
Adressée à
Daniel Lafleur (Casselman Mayor)
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Lancée par Monique Laflamme

This petition is adressed to all residents of the Domaine de la rivière Nation, whether this issue affects you directly or indirectly.  We need 100 names for this petition to be sent directly to the mayor from the site.

Are you aware that there are federal, provincial, and CN guidelines concerning new developments in proximity of a railroad.  The properties mostly affected by these guidelines would be those located within 75 meters from the railroad track. 
Contrary to some belief, the small trees (dying for most of the part) are not a sound barrier, they are merely a perception of reduced noise levels?  You will find this information in article of the document published by the Railway Association of Canada:

The wall should have been installed in accordance with the original subdivision plan, trees will not do the job, and it appears that the guidelines concerning new projects in proximity of a railroad have not been followed. We have to voice that to the municipality:

We, residents of Domaine de la Rivière Nation, hereby request that the noise study dated 22 July 2019 executed by Acoustic Lab be rejected, as it does not take into consideration the governmental standards and guidelines nor the CN Requirements on railroad proximity; and

we hereby request that EITHER the Noise and Vibration Study performed in 2004 for our project remains in place OR that a new study (for both Argile Street and Barrage Street) be performed by a firm of qualified engineers, taking into consideration all the existing standards, guidelines and requirements regarding new development in proximity to railroad operation; and

we hereby request that the municipality of Casselman acts in our best interests, and takes all the necessary action to ensure that the governmental standards, guidelines, and CN Principal Main Line Requirements on railroad proximity are followed by all parties involved; that a proper berm and sound barrier be installed since the trees planted last fall on the berm of our community are simply not an acceptable sound barrier according to the Railway Association of Canada.


Cette pétition a abouti avec 104 signatures !

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