Petition for partial tuition refunds for Berklee College of Music Spring semester

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Berklee has moved to online classes only from March 23 until the end of the semester. As a school of music and dance, facilities such as studios, technical equipment , instruments, practice rooms as well as face to face learning play a vital role in learning. Moving courses online does not allow many classes to be delivered to an adequate standard. For example ensembles can no longer play, private lessons can no longer be in person. This effects international students especially as classes are all taking place in original Boston times making attending classes in real time impossible. There are impossible latencies and connection difficulties with video link ups. Some international students cannot even access Berklee content. 

With fees of $42,000 per year it seems unreasonable to pay a full tuition fee for the semester when classes are sub standard and with no access to Berklee’s touted world class facilities. Berklee has far less running costs due to the empty campuses. Many students will drop classes due to their lack of engagement and Berklee benefits from this also as they will need to pay for extra credits in later semesters.  

Sign to fight for a partial tuition refund and help students to continue their studies.