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Demand Berklee release financials & 3 years of pay for admins & faculty

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Berklee is now the #9 most expensive private college in the country. According to USA Today, the median US household income was $51,413 at the end of 2011. Berklee raised tuition recently, and is now at $55,615/year, according to CBS News. They have cut services and programs left and right but there is little to no transparency about the financial details of the school and the kind of pay rates that President Brown and other administrators are receiving during these tough times. Sign this petition saying we want transparency and we want it now.

For the 2010-2011 school year, President Roger Brown wrote the following in an email to students:
"I also want to share that our faculty and staff, understanding the challenging times we are facing, received only a 1% increase in pay last year. Additionally our senior leadership had no increase in pay, and the top two leaders at Berklee and I voluntarily cut our compensation by 5%."..."With this balance in mind, our board of trustees recently approved tuition for the degree program at $15,650 per semester."

For the 2012-2013 year, President Brown stated different plans:
"Next year Berklee’s tuition for fall and spring semesters will be $17,725, a 5.9% increase over last year. The cost for the summer semester (2013) will be $15,190. Room and board will increase 3% to $8,475."

In this latest email (sent 4/3/12) Brown made NO MENTION of "Senior Leadership pay." Not only do we NEED to know, we have a RIGHT to know EXACTLY where our money is going.

An anonymous posting by a Berklee faculty member:
"Estimates are 120% of industry standard in work load with about 60% of the pay. Try 12+ teaching hours per semester at ca $37,000 per year or less. They continue to create new high-paying administrative positions and virtually never improve the work conditions for their faculty. Now... with all this energy and money directed towards expansion, capitol improvements and bloating the administrative ranks, there is a 2 million dollar shortfall. Guess the faculty can't expect things to improve anytime soon."

This coincides with the demands that spending be cut in all areas of the college while everything else remains business as usual.

With spending cuts, higher tuition, and an unknown faculty and senior administrator pay rates, we the stakeholders of Berklee College of Music DEMAND a release of a financial statement and at least the past 3 years of faculty and administrative pay rates by May 3rd, 2012-exactly a month from President Brown's email announcing the 5.9% tuition hike.

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