Reopen the Stile on Upper Ashlyns Road

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Recently, the decision was made by the Berkhamsted School to close the stile on Upper Ashlyns Road that provides access to their playing fields. They cite the reason for this being dog waste fouling the grounds. In reality this obstruction has cut off a vital route for many schoolchildren who use the stile on their walk to Ashlyns School opposite. The site is private land but Berkhamsted School have always kindly let the Asylyns children walk across it before - this change will mean children as young as 11 will have to take much longer and more dangerous routes to school such as along Kingshill Way by the roundabout. 

I'm a Year 13 student at Ashlyns who has been using the stile to walk to school every school day for the last 4 years. It's upsetting that in my final year here the Berkhamsted School has blocked off this vital route, which has always been a lovely part of my day. Ashlyns children have always been respectful to the private grounds and blocking the stile will not stop dog walkers from accessing the field - they will still continue to use it via the public footpath entrances at the top and the bottom of the field. In this way the closure of the stile is pointless and will not help the dog problem. I appeal to the Berkhamsted School to reconsider this decision and let Ashlyns children retain their safe and pleasant walk to school, and not force us out into much more dangerous routes. We all live in this town together - don't build figurative and literal barriers between us.