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Allow Parents to Volunteer as Coaches for BCSD Athletic Teams

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Please support this petition to keep parents involved in sports.  The children of Berkeley County deserve to have as many programs available to them as possible.  Banning parent coaches will reduce the number of teams.  Ask your principal or athletic director how they will afford to keep the current level of coaching staff under this new policy.  

There is real research that participation in competitive sports directly relates to future success in business.  The lessons learned on the ball field are carried throughout life.  Women, especially, benefit greatly from participation in competitive sports.  Last time I checked, the athletics directors in the county are not recruiting volley ball, tennis, track or softball coaches.  They certainly are not using valuable PE jobs to fill these coaching positions.  These coaching positions are filled arbitrarily be whomever will take the small stipend.  The volunteers come in and support these coaches.  And of course, the volunteers are parents.  When is the last time you volunteered hundreds of hours of effort for random strangers?  The parents have a vested interest in making opportunities available to their children.  This vested interest supports the classroom and the ball field, alike.  As long as that person has a background check (as all volunteers do), I support this help being available. The newspaper reported that this policy will only affect varsity and j.v., but you know, as well as I do, this policy will inadvertently trickle down to all levels.  If the varsity and j.v. teams cannot use parent volunteers, then the coaches of the B teams will be pulled up to fill the void and the B team programs will be canceled.  I want many levels of staffed, funded, well-run sports programs.  This takes the support of many volunteers and every parent of every child on the team.  

In closing, I am dismayed that the idea of banning parent volunteers from athletics in Berkeley County is even under consideration with the Berkeley County Board of Education.  I am disappointed in the obvious political agenda at work here.  If there is a problem with a certain coach, parent or program, deal with that issue on it’s on merits.  Do not make a blanket “political” decision which will negatively affect many student-athletes in the District. It is clear that this is not a sound financial decision or the best decision for the future development of our children, especially for our girls.  I expect that the County AD is reviewing the impact of this decision and preparing a cost-benefit analysis of this policy.  The negative effect on female sports, specifically, must be quantified.  The impact on the budget (specifically an adequate number of stipends per school to sustain the current number of sports teams at that school) must be calculated, as well.  Canceling sports teams at our schools because we don’t like “Jenny’s dad” coaching is absolutely ludicrous. 

The Chairman of the School Board likes to talk about the complaints received about parent coaches.  Do not get confused with this argument.  Where there are people, there are complaints!  If you hire the people, or if they volunteer, complaints are a part of doing business.  The Principal and the AD at the school with the issue should be empowered to do his/her job and resolve it.

 Sign this petition to let the Berkeley County Board of Education and the Berkeley County School District know that the residents of Berkeley County support parental involvement with our children as coaches of sports teams.

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